The research vision of NanoPhoton - Center for Nanophotonics – is to explore hitherto inaccessible regimes of extreme confinement of light in dielectric cavities and to apply the associated enhanced light-matter interaction to solve fundamental outstanding challenges in chipscale information technology.

A number of recent optical cavity designs have shown a path towards confining light at deep subwavelength dimensions in dielectrics. This phenomenon - which we refer to as Extreme Dielectric Confinement (EDC) - parts with the conventional wisdom in optics and nanotechnology that light cannot be localized to volumes smaller than roughly the cubic resonance wavelength. In addition to being of theoretical interest in its own right, EDC opens up new technological possibilities for novel optical nanostructures. It is the ambition of NanoPhoton to develop the science and technology for this new class of nanostructures by combining fundamental electromagnetic and quantum optical theory with state-of-the-art nanofabrication and advanced experimental characterization techniques.

The research center NanoPhoton is funded by the Danish National Research Foundation (Danmarks Grundforskningsfond), with a 62 mill. DKK grant. NanoPhoton was established in April 2020 and will run for six years.

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Center Leader, Prof. Jesper Mørk

Watch the video about NanoPhoton

In this short video, the vision of NanoPhoton, the new Center for Nanophotonics at the Technical University of Denmark, is presented by the Center Leader, Prof. Jesper Mørk. As Jesper explains, novel and highly non-intuitive semiconductor nanostructures enable the concentration of light to length scales of just a few nanometers, much below what was previously considered the fundamental limit. This extreme light concentration means that light interacts very strongly with the semiconductor. NanoPhoton aims to understand the fundamental physics of this effect through experiments and new quantum theory and apply it to develop low-energy computer chips and devices for emerging quantum technology.