Experimental and theoretical PhD projects in nanophotonics and quantum technology

As a PhD student in the NanoPhoton research center, you will primarily work with one of the following topics:

  • Semiconductor nanofabrication, epitaxial growth and materials characterization, with applications to nanolasers, nanophotodetectors, nonlinear switches, and nano-electromechanical structures (Topic A)

  • Theory and experimental characterization, including time-resolved spectroscopy, of nanophotonic devices. Focus is, in particular, on nanolasers and nonlinear devices exploiting extreme light confinement     and/or Fano resonances (Topic B)
  • Quantum theory of light-matter interaction in semiconductor nanostructures with application to few-photon nonlinear optics (Topic C)
  • Inverse design of nanostructures based on topology optimization (Topic D)

The NanoPhoton Center collaborates with strong international partners, including MIT, University of Cambridge, and IBM Zürich. As part of the PhD project, students will spend 3-6 months abroad. The working environment in the center is international and vibrant, emphasizing an open and relaxed atmosphere.

For further information about the open positions, please refer to the full job ad.


We are constantly on the look-out for talented and ambitious PhD students. If you have a Master's degree within a relevant field and a high GPA, feel free to get in touch.



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Senior Researcher
DTU Fotonik
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