Student projects

NanoPhoton offers a broad range of possibilities for student projects ranging from micro- and nano-fabrication of optical and electro-optical components and the associated characterization with advanced nanoscopy techniques to theoretical projects within classical electromagnetism, laser photonics, and quantum optics.

For a number of possible ideas, please refer to the list of NanoPhoton student projects in the DTU central project bank. If you have an idea for a project or a topic that you would like to work with, but which is not on the list, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Depending on the area of interest, the typical projects can include one or more topics from the below list.

Clean room fabrication
Learn state-of-the-art clean room fabrication of semiconductors with electron beam lithography and advanced etching techniques.

Epitaxial crystal growth
Learn selective area semiconductor crystal growth using Metal-Organic Vapour-Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) and related techniques.

Learn to use ultrafast near-field nanoscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy to characterize nanophotonic devices.

Optical characterization
Learn to perform optical measurements of nanophotonic devices with femtosecond laser pulses and advanced detection schemes.

Topology optimization
Learn to perform state-of-the-art inverse designs by topology optimization of nanophotonic structures.

Numerical electromagnetism
Learn to use the numerical tools of classical electromagnetism to model the optical response of micro- and nano-scopic structures

Semiconductor laser theory
Learn the theory of semiconductor lasers and apply it to study the properties of lasers based on ultra-small cavities.

Quantum optics
Learn to perform quantum optical simulations with one or few photons in an optical cavity coupled to quantum dots or phonons.

Please refer to NanoPhoton's list of projects DTU central project bank.



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